CM and DCM Soothe Ramalinga Reddy, Assure Better Portfolio

Ramalinga Reddy Karnataka

After the announcement of the election results of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly, Siddaramaiah’s coalition has successfully filled all the positions, as per the official announcement made after a period of 15 days. The coalition has a total of 34 ministers, including the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister.

However, now certain ministers have started their portfolios. Among them, senior leader Ramalinga Reddy expressed dissatisfaction with the portfolio assigned to him and has submitted his resignation as a minister. Along with that, a warning has been issued regarding resignations from the ministerial positions. Several discussions have taken place to appease Ramalinga Reddy.

Reddy’s supporters have demanded resignations from all positions and have insisted that the Chief Minister intervene. Siddaramaiah made efforts to engage in dialogue and appease Ramalinga Reddy. Deputy Chief Minister D.K. Shivakumar visited Ramalinga Reddy’s residence for a prolonged discussion. The discussions revolved around various matters concerning the party, including the party president D.K. Shivakumar and the party’s general secretary Ramalinga Reddy.

Ramalingareddi has been consistently elected as a representative eight times. After their tenure, I have won multiple times. We have been friends for many years and have formed an alliance. Several party workers have expressed their trust in us and advised to pay attention to them, as Shivakumar, the journalist, informed us.

However, we have remained loyal to the party’s discipline as soldiers of the party. If we were to switch sides, we could gain higher positions, but we are committed to the party’s decision, as they stated. In the evening, Shivakumar informed Siddaramaiah that Ramalingareddi is unhappy with the account given to him.

After the discussion, with the hope of providing a better account, the leaders decided to apologize to Ramalingareddi. According to official sources, Ramalingareddi had shown interest in the development of Bangalore, but he was denied the portfolio. Now, there is a possibility of him receiving a more significant account, as stated in the source.

Meanwhile, newly appointed ministers returned to their respective constituencies and received a grand welcome. Notably, senior police officials, including Kamalapant, Ravi D. Channannanavar, visited and congratulated Dr. G. Parameshwar. The list of accounts allocated to the ministers has reached the Governor’s office, and there is a possibility of it being finalized by Monday, as sources have informed the TNAI.