Siddaramaiah Alleges BJP and JD(S) Provocation in the Hanuma Dhwaja Removal Controversy, Suggests Political Motives Ahead of Elections.


On Sunday, police resorted to using force to disperse a protesting crowd and restore order, replacing the ‘Hanuma Dhwaja’ with the tricolor on the flagpole. Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, on Monday, accused the opposition BJP and JD(S) of attempting to incite people over the removal of a saffron flag from a 108-ft tall flagpole in Keragodu village, Mandya district.

Siddaramaiah clarified that authorities intervened as permission was granted solely for the national and Kannada flags. He rebuffed BJP’s ‘anti-Hindu’ claims, expressing his identity as a Hindu who loves people of all religions. While tension persisted in Keragodu on Monday, it remained under control after witnessing strong protests and police action the previous day, triggered by the removal of the saffron flag featuring Lord Hanuman’s image. Siddaramaiah criticized the BJP for creating unnecessary issues, stating that actions were taken to enforce approved flag-hoisting conditions. He questioned the motives behind protests, attributing them to political agendas and the upcoming elections. Responding to being labeled ‘anti-Hindu,’ Siddaramaiah reiterated his Hindu identity and commitment to secularism, coexistence, and tolerance as outlined in the Constitution.