11 Best Places To Visit In Dandeli – Karnataka

Best Places To Visit In Dandeli

Dandeli is a town that is located in Karnataka. Most of the population of Dandeli is of economic migrants from all over in India. This population is more from Northern and Southern states like Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and also from different districts from Karnataka.

The wild life sanctuary here, with dense forests and trails is inhabited by different animals that include monkeys, black panthers and also elephants. You also find different species of birds here.

At the entrance of the Kavala Caves you find a temple. This is popular due to the stalagmite formations.

River Rafting in Dandeli

Dandeli is an attractive place to visit. Among the many places you can visit, you can also enjoy different activities, one of which is river rafting.

Dandeli is located on the Kali River. This is considered to be the best place in the South for water rafting. Over 12 km there are rapids of grade two and three stretch. This can be ideal not only for professionals but also amateurs.


You get facilities from a number of tor providers or set-ups for this sport. You find different classes of rapids. Some of the names are Adi’s beard, Snuggler’s trove, Stanley’s squeeze, the stitch and more. Dandeli is known to be delight for the enthusiasts of adventure as it offers a wide range of water sports. This is located around 1,800 ft above the sea level. You have dense forests surrounding this place. You find sambar deer, giant squirrels and also wild boars. This river Kali is perfect for amateurs as well as professionals as this offers calm waters as well as turbulent rapids.

Kali Tiger Reserve Dandeli

Kali Tiger Reserve is in Uttara Kannada. This is a paradise for the lovers of wildlife. This is considered as the 2nd largest sanctuary in the state with an area of 834.16 sq. km. In 1956 this was declared as the National Wildlife Sanctuary. You find a wide range of fauna and floors, including woodpeckers, tigers, kingfishers, hornbills, elephants and a lot more.

In 2015 this sanctuary was renamed Kali Tiger Reserve.

You find almost 40 tigers here. This area is totally covered with dense and evergreen vegetation inter-spread with bamboo and teak plants. The best time to enjoy the jungle safari is early morning or during sunset. You can enjoy river rafting, trekking, fishing and also crocodile sighting.

Kali Tiger Reserve dandeli

This sanctuary is home to almost 40 tigers. The total area is covered with evergreen and dense vegetation interspersed with teak and bamboo plants.  You have the option of taking the jungle safari either early morning or during sunset. Some of the adventures that you can enjoy here are trekking, fishing, river rafting and also crocodile sighting.

The Magod Falls Dandeli

The Magod Falls is situated at a distance of around 17km from Yellapur in the state of Karnataka. These falls are known as ‘Magodu Falls’. This is a group of waterfalls cascading from a height of 200m. These falls are due to the River Bedti falling down the rocky cliffs. This place is perfect not only for picnic lovers, but also for photographers and nature lovers.

The Magod Falls are located near the Sathodi falls. During summers, the Magod Falls get dry and appears to be misty during the rainy season. These lie between the cover of dense forest. These falls are open throughout the week and do not require any fee.

The Magod Falls dandeli

The perfect time to visit the Magod Falls is during the monsoon, which is anytime between the months of July and September. That is the time the entire area is washed up and is alive with blue and green shades.

Besides exploring the nature around these falls, you can click some ‘out of the world’ photographs. For all those who love to walk you can take a stroll around this waterfall or probably plan a picnic with your family and friends.

Ulavi Temple Dandeli

The Ulavi temple is dedicated to a Lingayat Saint of the 12th century, Channabasavanna. This is sacred to a high level for the Lingayat community. Situated among lush greenery, in the Western Ghats, this temple offers the ‘calm’ escape from the hustle and bustle of a city life. Ulavi is a village that is located in the state of Karnataka. This is around 47mi (75 kms) from Karwar.

Ulavi Temple dandeli

The Kittur family trust has served this temple from the past, for around 200 years and more.

The best time to visit this temple is anytime through the year.

You can visit this temple anytime from 8 in the morning to 6 in the evening. There is no fee for entrance. When you travel by road the distance is 35 kms from Dandeli bus station.

There are a number of shapely stalactites and caves besides the temple.

Kavala Caves Dandeli

At a distance of 120kms from Karwar, 93 kms from Sirsi, 24 kms from Dandeli and 139km from Gokarna, the Kavala caves, situated in Dandeli, are natural caves. This is one of the most popular tourist spot of Dandeli.

These caves were formed due to activities of a volcano long ago. These are located deep within a forest. These caves are said to be there since the pre-historic times.

Kavala Caves dandeli

These caves are known as ‘Sidda’ or ‘Limestone Caves’. These have a lot of formations of stalagmite and are small in their dimension. The visitors have to go crawl through the opening as this tends to get small. There are around 375 steps to climb down before you reach the entrance of the cave. You also have a temple at the cave’s entrance. To get a glimpse of the ‘naturally formed’ Shivling, you need to crawl down almost 40 feet through narrow, winding tunnels. You might need to use a torch or buy the candles sold here as the cave is dark.

This place is lit up only during Shivratri.

After seeing the Shivlainga the visitors can come out from the other end of the cave.

The forest department organizes a trip every day at 6 in the morning. Visitors have got the option of taking a private vehicle inside the sanctuary, or probably rent a jeep.

Visiting Kavala Caves between the months of October and February and the timing here is anytime between 6 in the morning and 6 in the evening.

Syntheri Rock Dandeli

At a distance of around 16km from Ulavi, 31kms from Dandeli, Syntheri rock is a granite structure that is monolithic, standing at a height of 300 feet. This is located in Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, dense forests. This is a popular tourist destination.

This Syntheri rock was formed due to volcanic eruptions around million years ago. This is named after Ms. Cinthera, an English lady who discovered this place in the 20th century. You find the River Kaneri passing at the side of this rock. The rock has got hollowed due to the erosion taking place. There are many honeybees and pigeons inhabiting this place.

Syntheri Rock dandeli

The forest department controls the entry. You can either walk to this place or even rent out a jeep. There is a nominal entry fee for entering this place. The vehicles are allowed to go to the parking area. The visitors can reach the base by climbing down. There is a 15 minute walk from the parking lot to the rock. You need to get down around 200 steps for reaching the base. These steps are steep and there are different types of rocks displayed here.

You can visit this place from 1030 in the morning to 0530 in the evening. The entry fee is only Rs.20/-

Supa Dam Dandeli

Supa Dam is built across the Kali River. This is said to be the highest dam in the state of Karnataka. This dam is in GaneshGudi, in the taluka of Joida in the district of Uttara Kannada. This dam is the main reservoir for storage to all the power houses in the hydro power project of Kalinadi. The power house that is at the foot of the dam has two generators of 50 MW electricity. The generated electricity is distributed to different parts of Karnataka. Hindustan Steel Works Construction Limited built this dam. This is operated and also owned by the Karnataka Power Corporation Limited. In 1985 this power house was commissioned.

Supa Dam Dandeli

Supa dam is considered to be an engineering marvel. This has bank spillway and stands at a height of 101 meters, the length being 330 meters and 1000 square kilometers of catchment area.

Besides the importance commercially, this dam has a backdrop that is picturesque where you can relax and unwind. This spot is a popular sightseeing spot due to the economic and cultural aesthetics.

Supa dam is named after Suparulu, who was considered to be the Forest God.

Sathodi Falls Dandeli

Known as ‘Mini-Niagra’ by the locals, the Sathodi falls lies in the Yellara district of Uttara Kannada. Near the ghat of Kallaramane there are a number of streams that are unnamed near these falls. The locals were not aware of this till a few years ago. This Sathodi falls is almost 15 meters in height and has a rectangular appearance.

Sathodi Falls dandeli

You will take around 20 minutes when walking to these falls from the forest. For convenience there are sign boards to guide you. Th entry fee is only Rs.5/-. After a 10 minute walk you can hear the water cascading. You need to walk slowly as the path leading to the waterfall is quite narrow.

You can swim in the pool near the waterfall.

Sathodi falls can get dangerous during the monsoons as the roads get quite slippery. The perfect time to visit these falls is anytime between the months of March and June.

Shiroli Peak Dandeli

To enjoy the mesmerizing view of the Sahyadri range you need to visit the Shiroli peaks. Shiroli peak is one place where you can capture a breathtaking sunset. This is located inside the Wildlife Sanctuary of Dandeli and offers some calming vibes.

This place is said to be the highest place of the region of Uttara Kannada and can be said that this is said to be one of the favorite places for trekkers due to its height.

Shiroli Peak Dandeli

You can visit Shiroli peak anytime of the year. There are no entry fees but the tourists need permission to enter. This permission can be granted by the Forest Department.

The distance of Shiroli Peak from the Dandeli bus station is 25 km.

Sykes Point Dandeli

At a distance of only 6km from Ambikanagar, Sykes Point is another top view point in Dandeli. This sightseeing attraction offers a view of the deep valleys and hills covered with thick forests. This Point was named after the British engineer who had discovered it. You get a good view of the confluence of River Kali and Nagzari River.

Sykes Point Dandeli

Birklovers can get to watch the rare giant hornbills. At the bottom of this hill you have the Power house of the Kali Project.  KPCL ( Karnataka Power Corporation Limited) operates this power station. Near the Sykes point you have the surge tank and water moving facility that feeds the Nagzari Power House turbines.

You can visit the Sykes Point only after getting permission from the security office of the KPCL in Ambikanagar.

Mini Tibet Dandeli

When you plan a visit to Dandeli, one place that you must add to your itinerary is Mundgod, or Mini Tibet. This picturesque town is often compared to the beautiful hill station Mcleodganj due to its well preserved Tibetan Culture.

Mini Tibet Dandeli

Mundgod is also referred to as the Doeguling Tibetan Settlement and is a treasure trove of Tibetan culture and life. The town is found on the route between Sirsi and Hubli and is home to stunning stupas and monasteries. Once a nondescript town, today Mundgod showcases the lifestyle and progress of the Tibetan refugees.  This town is the perfect place to find serenity, peace, and tranquility.

A visit to Dandeli and the places listed is definitely worth a visit. Include all these places to ensure your trip to the south is memorable.