Hoysaleswara Temple Halebid

Hoysaleswara Temple Halebidu

Hoysaleswara Temple is a prominent Hindu temple located in Halebidu, Karnataka, India. Here are some keywords related to the Hoysaleswara Temple:

Location: Halebidu, Karnataka, India

History: The Hoysaleswara Temple was built during the Hoysala Empire in the 12th century. It was built as a dedication to Lord Shiva.

Architecture: The Hoysaleswara Temple is known for its intricate architecture and is considered one of the finest examples of Hoysala architecture. The temple features intricate carvings, sculptures, and friezes.

Materials: The Hoysaleswara Temple is made of chloritic schist, a type of stone that is abundant in the region. The stone was carved with great detail and precision. Religious

Significance: The temple is an important pilgrimage site for Hindus, particularly for devotees of Lord Shiva.

Accessibility: The Hoysaleswara Temple is located in Halebidu, which is about 31 km away from Hassan. It can be easily accessed by road, and there are regular bus services from Hassan to Halebidu.

Other Nearby Places to Visit: The Jain temples of Halebidu, the Chennakesava Temple of Belur, and the Shettihalli Church are popular tourist attractions located near the Hoysaleswara Temple.