Shreyas Agriculture Loan Karnataka

Shreyas Agriculture Loan


  • To increase our term lending/investment credit which result in asset creation.
  • Reduce hassles of obtaintion of bills, vouchers, estimates etc., for small investment purposes


  • Purchase/Installation / Repair of IP set, pump house, laying/ enhancing pipe line, Water storage tank.
  • Fencing, Land development/leveling, soil application, mulching, bunding, riveting, trenching etc., for land development.
  • For purchase of Agricultural implements, sericulture equipments, Bullock Cart & bullocks.
  • Construction/repair to cattle shed & farm house.
  • Loan for animal husbandry activities like dairying, poultry, piggery, sheep & goat rearing-High value Emu-Ostrich farming or loans for purchase of new farm machinery like tractor, tiller, harvester etc.


  • All farmers irrespective of the size of their land holdings.

Loan facility

  • Agri.Term Loan

Quantum of Loan

  • 5.00 lakh or
  • 75% of the project cost subject or
  • 50% of the net value of Landed property offered as security.


  • Maximum 5-7years

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