Hoysaleswara Temple

Hoysaleswara Temple

Architectural style: Hoysala architecture
Creator: Ketamalla, Hoysala Vishnuvardhana
Completed: 12th-century
District: Hassan
Deity: Shiva
Affiliation: Hinduism

Hoysaleswara temple, also known as the Halebid Temple, is a Hindu Temple of the 12th century. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is located in the town of Halebid in Karnataka, in the west of the lake Dwarasamudra. This temple of the Hoysola Empire is one of the most important monuments. This is in South India and is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Shilpkar Kedoraja has designed and decorated this temple. The walls are adorned with the different stories of the different Gods. You can also find stories of the brave Hoysala soldiers. These are in the form of engravings on the walls.

This beautiful temple gets its name from the ruler, King Vishnuvardhana Hoysaleswara, of the Hoysala dynasty. This ruler also sponsored the construction. The construction of this temple started in 1121 CE and finished in 1160 CE. This temple has two shrines, one of which is dedicated to Shantalaweswara and the other to Hoysaleswara.

There is also an image of 7ft that depicts the Sun God (Lord Surya) and A huge sculpture of Nandi (attendant of Shiva).

At present the architecture and the art work is damaged. This temple is considered to be a wonder of the world. This is also listed in the world heritage sites by the UNESCO.