Hidden Gems of Srinegri in Karnataka

Sri Rishya Shrungeshwara Temple

Known for the ‘Dakshinamnaya Srinegri Sharada Peetam’ temple, Srinegri is a town located in Karnataka. The other name of this temple is ‘Srinegri Sharada Peetham’ temple. This is one of the four Advaita maths, that Jagadguru Sri Adi Shankaracharya established. Located on the River Tunga’s banks, Srinegri is surrounded with beauty. You feel like ‘heaven’ here.

Listed below are the ‘most’ beautiful places around Srinegri you need to visit.

1. Sri Rishya Shrungeshwara Temple, Kigga

From Srinegri, at 9km distance you find a small village by the name of Kigga. The Sri Rishya Shrungeshwara Temple here is one of the most popular places. This is the ‘Rain’ god temple. The trekking route leading to Narsimha Parvitha peak and the landscapes are known to be famous. The ancient temple that is dedicated to the ‘Saint Rishyasrunga’ is also a major attraction here. The Sirimane Falls and Rishi Vasistha are other popular attractions of this place. You can enjoy rock climbing, trekking, hiking, or even camping.

Sri Rishya Shrungeshwara Temple

2. Kyatanmaki Hills

Located near ‘Horanadu’ of the district of Chikmagalur of Karnataka, the Kyatanmaki Hills is a beautiful place where you can spend good, quality ‘nature’ time. If you are one of those who enjoy ‘off-roads’ then this is the ideal place. When you reach the hilltop you get a ‘360’ degree view. As this place is not all that crowded, you can enjoy the calmness and serenity of the hills.

Kyatanmaki Hills

3. Sirimane Falls

The ‘Sirimane Falls’ is at a 5km distance from Kigga. This is a village near Srinegri housing waterfalls in all their beauty. From Sringeri, this works out to be at a distance of around 16km. The water from these falls feed the paddy fields and coffee estates in the downstream.

Surrounded by forests, this 40 feet high waterfall is surrounded by serenity. You can get to the bottom of these falls and experience the force if you wish. These falls can accommodate more crowds at the bottom due to the width.

Sirimane Falls

4. Hanumangundi Falls

Located close to the road running between Kudremukh and Sringeri, the Hanuman Gundi Falls is at a distance of 15kms from Kudremukh and 26kms from Sringeri. The location of this waterfall is calm and serene. The Hanumangundi falls from a 100 feet height. After walking from the main road there are around 300 steps for reaching here. You can have a bath under these falls as this is considered ‘safe’. The best time to visit these falls is anytime after the monsoon season. You need to pay an Entry Fee at the gate as these falls are maintained by the Forest Dept. This is a ‘must’ visit for those who are not very fond of crowds.

Hanumangundi Falls

5. Kodachadri Hills

Kodachadri hills are considered to be the ‘tenth’ highest peak of the State. These hills are in the Shimoga district in the Western Ghats. You can enjoy the jungle trails through the tropical forests, landscapes and enchanting waterfalls. This forms an apt backdrop to the ‘Moola Mookambika Temple’ and is located in the Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary. You get the opportunity to witness the beautiful sunset into the ‘Arabian Sea’. You can say this is a perfect combination of ocean and mountain.

Kodachadri Hills

6. Kudlu Falls

Known for their beauty, Kudlu Falls cascades down from a height of 150 feet. This is right in the middle of hilly terrain filled with greenery. To reach this enchanting waterfall you need to trek quite a bit. This waterfall is one of the favorites of nature lovers and also trekkers.

Kudlu Falls

7. Kudremukh National Park

Known for scenic beauty, the Kudremukh National Park is located in the midst of a number of mountains. This park was designated as a ‘National’ park in 1987. This park covers an area of almost 600 square kilometers and is considered as one of the best ‘preserved’ parks in this state. The high rising peaks along with the fauna and flora adorns this park. Trekking routes oversee the grasslands and offer a ‘unique’ experience. In the Western Ghats zone the area protecting the wildlife is considered to be the 2nd largest.

Kudremukh National Park

8. Kavaledurga Fort

The Kavaledurga fort is considered to be a ‘hidden’ beauty of the Western Ghats. The fort here was built in the 9th century. This is located in Shivamogga. The 7 water bodies present here ensures there is enough access to water all the 365 days. The Kavaledurga village is 16km from the Thirthahalli town.

Kavaledurga Fort

9. Agumbe Sunset Point

The region of Agumbe is located in Karnataka in the Shimoga district. This region receives the 2nd highest rainfall in India and the highest rainfall in Southern India. This needs to be added in your ‘must-visit’ list as there is no way you can miss out on the natural beauty. Those who love trekking find this place a ‘wishes come true’.

Agumbe Sunset Point

10. Kundadri Hills

Situated at a distance of around 12km from Thirthahalli, Kundadri is apt for trekkers. The trail is with the Kundadri Hills. This formation of a single rock has multiple protrusions. You need to follow a path that is roughly paved upwards to the hill. Those looking for fewer crowds can add this place in their bucket list. This is located around 3,200 feet above the sea level. The hill slopes are filled with vegetation.

Kundadri Hills