CM Bommai announces farmer friendly schemes by raising loan term limits, agri subsidies


Karnataka’s Chief Minister, Mr. Bommai, has recently revealed a range of farmer-friendly schemes that aim to improve the agricultural sector in the state. These initiatives include an increase in loan term limits and agricultural subsidies.

Under the new plan, farmers in Karnataka will be able to access loans with longer repayment periods, providing them with greater flexibility and financial stability. The government will also offer increased subsidies to support agricultural activities, which will further assist farmers in boosting their production and income.

By implementing these measures, Mr. Bommai hopes to encourage more individuals to take up farming and invest in the sector, as well as provide existing farmers with the necessary support to improve their yields and economic prospects.

Overall, these farmer-friendly schemes represent a positive step towards the development of the agricultural sector in Karnataka, and are expected to have a significant impact on the livelihoods of farming communities across the state.