2024 PM Kisan Tractor Scheme: Verify Eligibility, Check Benefits, and Application Process

PM Kisan Yojana 2024
Scheme Name PM Kisan Tractor Scheme 2024
Purpose Providing Subsidy on Tractor Purchase
Documents Required Aadhaar, ID Proof, Land Docs, Bank Details, Category Cert., Photo
Application Process Common Service Centers (CSC) or Online (State-wise)
  • Subsidy: 20-50% on New Tractors
  • Direct Benefit Transfer
  • Empowering Farmers
Impact Economic Improvement, Modern Farming, Reduced Rentals
Important Note Check State-specific Application Links for Accuracy


Eligibility Criteria for PM Kisan Tractor Scheme 2024:

To ensure the PM Kisan Tractor Scheme 2024 benefits reach deserving farmers, specific eligibility criteria are in place:

  1. Nationality: Permanent resident of India.
  2. Age: Between 18 and 60 years.
  3. Family Income: Annual income less than Rs. 1.5 lakh.
  4. Land Ownership: Possession of cultivable land.
  5. Previous Subsidies: Not a beneficiary of other agricultural machinery subsidy schemes.
  6. Restriction on Multiple Benefits: No similar government scheme benefits for the first 7 years.
  7. One Beneficiary per Family: Only one person per family eligible for the subsidy.

Benefits of PM Kisan Tractor Scheme 2024:

This scheme aims to uplift Indian farmers through various benefits:

  1. Subsidy on Tractor Purchase: 20% to 50% subsidy on new tractors.
  2. Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT): Transparent fund transfer to the beneficiary’s bank account.
  3. Increased Agricultural Productivity: Enhanced farming efficiency and reduced labor costs.
  4. Empowerment of Women Farmers: Additional benefits for women farmers, promoting gender equality.
  5. Support for Modern Farming Techniques: Access to modern machinery for higher crop yields.
  6. Loan Availability: Loans covering up to 50% of the tractor’s cost.
  7. Reduced Dependence on Rentals: Ownership eliminates the need for rented tractors.
  8. Enhanced Scope of Farming: Potential increase in cultivated area and additional income sources.

Documents Required for PM Kisan Tractor Scheme 2024:

Applicants must provide essential documents for eligibility verification:

  1. Aadhaar Card
  2. Valid Identification Document
  3. Land Ownership Documents
  4. Bank Account Details
  5. Category Certificate (if applicable)
  6. Passport Size Photograph
  7. Additional Documents (if required)

How to Apply for the PM Kisan Tractor Scheme 2024:

Follow these steps for a straightforward application process (may vary by state):

  1. Check Eligibility: Ensure compliance with scheme guidelines.
  2. Gather Required Documents: Prepare necessary documents.
  3. Visit the Nearest Common Service Center (CSC): Apply through CSC for government scheme assistance.
  4. Submit Application: Record documents, and CSC VLE will guide you through the application.
  5. Pay the Nominal Fee: Some states may require a nominal fee for the application.
  6. Receipt of Application: Receive a crucial receipt for tracking application status.
  7. Online/Offline Application: In some states, apply online through designated portals.
  8. State-wise Application Links: Check state government websites for relevant links and procedures.
  9. Follow-Up: Monitor application status and respond to any further requirements.

This comprehensive guide aims to assist farmers in navigating the PM Kisan Tractor Scheme 2024 seamlessly.

Apply Here Below

State Name Website Link for Application
Andaman and Nicobar Apply Online
Andhra Pradesh Apply Online
Arunachal Pradesh Apply Online
Assam Apply Online
Bihar Apply Online
Chandigarh Apply Online
Chhattisgarh Offline Application (CSC Centre)
Dadra-Nagar Haveli Offline Application
Daman and Diu Offline Application (CSC Centre)
Delhi Apply Online
Goa Apply Online
Gujarat Apply Online
Haryana Apply Online
Himachal Pradesh Apply Online
Jammu & Kashmir Apply Online
Jharkhand Apply Online
Karnataka Apply Online
Kerala Apply Online
Madhya Pradesh Apply Online
Maharashtra Apply Online
Manipur Apply Online
Meghalaya Apply Online
Mizoram Apply Online
Nagaland Apply Online
Odisha Apply Online
Pondicherry Apply Online
Punjab Apply Online
Rajasthan Apply Online
Sikkim Apply Online
Tamil Nadu Apply Online
Telangana Apply Online
Tripura Apply Online
Uttarakhand Apply Online
Uttar Pradesh Apply Online
West Bengal Apply Online