Ugly Side of a Present Day Life-style

Ugly Side of a Present Day Life-style

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Have you ever thought that your life can be imperfect even if you follow a fixed routine? Most of us try to ignore this question so that we do not get harsh answers. A routine life can work out for most of us but in the long run this can be dangerous and not only affect your physical health but also your mental health. I bet, even now, after reading this, most of you will not believe it or rather choose not to believe it. Go through this article to find out how this can affect your health in the long run and improvise before it is too late.


I think the maximum pressure a routine puts is on kids. Adults can, at least learn to manage, but the kids are totally confused and tired. They need to get up early to get ready for school, have their breakfast and wait for the transport. Most of the children are tired only looking at their school bags. This is really heavy. It seems the adults are bent on training them for weight lifting.


This is not how childhood should be. Many people have understood this and have switched to ‘home’ schooling. What is important is that the child needs to learn and the ‘where’ does not matter.

Even if you decide to put our child in a school, make sure there is not much of ‘peer’ pressure or any pressure from the school authorities. All kids cannot get the 90% you are looking for. Parents need to understand that, at present, a child has multiple career options available. Your child can pick and choose according to his/her ability and liking.

Stop all those extra classes or coaching and let your children breathe.


Teenagers are the most troubled of the lot. The hormonal changes they go through are enough to drive anyone crazy. To add to this, this is the time they need to pick and choose an apt ‘stream’, like commerce, science, arts or any other. There is total confusion in their heads.

Another problem is that, at this time, they are considered to be ‘adults’ who they are not. They are only getting there. So that ‘extra’ few hours of sleep on a holiday should not trouble the parents.


Their routine is hectic and they do not have the time to communicate with the adults. Try reaching out to them so that they do not feel abandoned. Stop the nagging and let them take their time growing up.

Partying is a ‘routine’ for teenagers and they do not realize what harm is done to their physical and mental state till the time they grow old. These days’ parties last from 9 in the night right up to almost 5 in the morning. Where is the time to sleep? These partying into the nights are not only reserved for week-ends, this happens with the smallest excuse. This can be an ‘unhealthy’ routine.


Adults have a load to carry on their shoulders, back and actually, the whole system. You need to ensure your graduation is with flying colors or else there is no way you can land your dream job.

Once you start working you have to start taking more responsibilities and also plan on the right investment. Where is the time to relax? This is strenuous and can lead to anxiety, panic attacks, or probably, a little more serious ailment, like the heart attack or heart failure.

Small problems like reaching your work place on time can also be termed as a tension. There are traffic jams everywhere. If you travel in your car, there are tensions of becoming a victim to road rage or getting into that uncontrollable rage that lands you behind bars.

The office is a different set of problems, like reaching the goals set out for you, or probably managing your team.


On a lighter note, the only business that is making good money and is happy is the health care industry. It seems the hospitals are making all the money out of the stress caused by a life style and your routine.

Small changes and a little effort can make sure you have a healthy and happy life. You can start by making some time for relaxing, spending time with your immediate family, meditation and other things that help you unwind. There is no hurry; you have a life time to reach your goals and make all that money you have been striving for.

Learn to spend time with nature and enjoy its gifts. Try to get away from crowds and spend time in isolation. You get a chance to introspect. You will find major changes in your physical and mental health in a short time.