Upper Shivalaya

Upper Shivalaya

The Upper Shivalaya is situated on the Badami Northern Hills. This is one example of an architectural-style termed ‘rock-cut’. This was at the time of the ancient Chalukyan empire.

This structure offers a view of the Badami town along with a view of the Agastya Lake. This was built in the 7th century. Double fortification walls, large granary, underground chamber and different architectural marvels are present across the grand boulder area.

You can see the Malegitti Shivalaya and Lower Shivalaya from here.

This Upper Shivalaya is a rectangular sanctuary that is created by the temple’s outer walls. On all three sides you have passageways. The ornate designs on the walls on the south face depict different episodes from the Ramayana. The designs on the west face depict the birth and also the childhood of Lord Krishna. There are plastered walls on the square tower.

This temple is located on the top of a hill and thus, there is quite a bit of climbing to be done.