Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace

Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace

Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace, Bangalore Overview

The accommodation of the brave ruler, Tipu Sultan, is located at the juncture of Krishna Rajendra and Albert Victor Road. This palace is at Bangalore fort, in old Bangalore in Karnataka.

This palace show-cases Indo-Islamic architecture and was a summer retreat for the king. This was referred to as ‘Rash e Jannat’ means ‘Envy of Heaven’ and also ‘Abode of Happiness’. This palace is considered to be one of the most noteworthy creations of those times, and has magnificent arches, frescoes that are ornamental, brilliant motifs and protruding balconies. You can take a good stroll on the balconies before you enter the palace. Exploring the palace offers you a glimpse into the luxurious lifestyle of Tipu Sultan.

It was at the time of Hyder Ali that the construction of the fort had started. This was completed during the rule of Tipu Sutan in 1791. The many unique aspects of this palace include glorifying brackets, huge pillars and placid settings.

The British used this monument for the Secretariat till 1868. This palace is attractive to tourists due to its sparkling fountains, flowering shrubs and lush gardens.

A part of this fort has been converted into an interesting museum lately. This showcases the different events in the life and times of the ruler, Tipu Sultan.

You get a feel of a different era once you enter this fort. The serene vibe can have a calming effect. A visit to this palace gives you an insight to history.