Leisurely Sandy Vacations in Karnataka


The 320 km long stretch of coastline is dotted with several palm -fringed beaches. Carpets of silver sands, cool bracing breeze, azure blue waters makes these beaches a must-visit destinations of Karnataka.

Malpe Beach

Malpe is popular among picnickers. Large number of people throng this virgin beach to spend their holidays. Also visit St Mary’s island, which can be reached by boat ride. It is delightful tourist destination and a perfect hangout zone. The splendid beauty of swaying palm trees, warm golden sands, crushing waves and blue sky is worth praising. It is an idyllic place to enjoy sandy pleasures, boating and fishing.

Karwar Beach

Karwar is among the most popular beaches of Karnataka. The beach is bestowed with some fabulous sightseeing, including 300 year old ancient Venkatrama temple, the octagonal church, Sadashivgad hill and Naganath temple. Pristine natural splendor, peaceful alleys and gentle waves fascinates every visitors.

Bhatkal Beach

Bounded with picturesque hills and sea, Bhatkal beach is a perfect place for beach seekers. Enjoy sandy pleasures and spend some moments of leisure with your friends and relatives. Catch a glimpse of sea shore temple, built in exquisite architecture.

Marwanthe Beach

Enjoy breath-taking view of beautiful surroundings at Fabulous Marwanthe beach. The endless stretch of golden sands, turquoise sea water, swaying palm trees and cool bracing breeze, makes this beach a perfect place for holidaying. Marwanthe beach also offers an excellent opportunities for water adventure sports.


Kurumgad is a tortoise-shaped island, tucked 4 km from the mainland. Apart from its scenic beauty, Kurumgad beach is also famous for its Narasimha Temple. Every year on the occasion of Pushya Purnima in the month of January, an annual Jatra event is held. During this time, devottess from various corners of the state comes here and be a part of this jatra. Here, travellers can also engage themselves in various kinds of adventure activities such as trekking, fishing, dolphin and seal-spotting, a boat cruise to other nearby islands, diving, snorkeling, treasure hunts, guided tours, or star-gazing.

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