Keladi : Shimoga

Keladi Shimoga

Keladi is a village in the Shimoga District known for its rich past and culture. Once served as the first capital of the Keladi Nayaka Kingdom, today this prime location is adorned with two popular attractions i.e. Keladi Rameshwara Temple and Keladi Museum.

The temple devoted to Lord Rameshwara is the finest example of three styles of architecture namely Hoysala, Dravidian and Kadamba. The temple also houses the shrines of Lord Veerbhadra and Goddess Parvati. The museum in the village contains an antique collection of artefacts and other souvenirs of the bygone era belonging to Keladi Nayaks. There are also several idols, sculptures, copper inscriptions, coins and palm leaves reflecting the rich heritage of Chalukya and Hoysala period.