Gagan Mahal


Location : Bidar, Karnataka
Residence of : Erstwhile Dakamanis
Built in : 1561 AD

Gagan Mahal, situated in Bidar is a previous palace of Dakamanis and is reached from behind the Masjid.

Built by Ali Adil Shah I around 1561 to serve the dual use of a royal residence and a durbar hall. The entrance to the outer court has a four-centered arch reminding one of Tudor structural design.

The well balanced halls and courts and the richly decorated niches with carvings etc., show but little of their past splendor when the king himself was a visitor here.

From the rear of the double hall, the ladies of the harem could watch the animal fights held in the moat below. Not uncommonly, the animals feasted on persons who were thrown to them by the king’s orders.

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