Bangalore Palace


Bangalore Palace

Location : Bangalore, Karnataka
Built By : Chamaraja Wodeyar
Built In : 1887 AD

Bangalore Palace is considered to be an epitome of great beauty and magnificence. This palace was built in 1878. This palace is the center of attraction at present. The British Guardians of Charmarajendra Wadiyar bought this property in 1873 from Rev. J. Garrett, the principal of Bangalore Central High School. This palace spreads across almost 45,000 square feet and is vast. The mix of Gothic and Tudor architecture has resulted in this grand palace seen at present.

The royal culture can be seen due to the beautiful carvings in the interiors and the exteriors of this wooden palace.

This palace is not only a major tourist attraction but also hosts different cultural events, marriages and also rock shows. It is believed that King Charmarajendra Wadiyar drew the inspiration of this palace from Windsor Castle, London.

A fairy-tale ballroom, the seats made from granite that are decorated with blue ceramic tiles, the famous paintings of Raja Ravi Varma , the Durbar Hall and the walls covered with vines can be quite impressive.

You witness the splendor and lavishness of the South India dynasty when you visit this palace.  You can understand the history better as there is an audio tape in English as well as in Hindi.