Bangalore Fort

Bangalore Fort

Bangalore Fort, Bangalore Overview

The Bangalore fort was built in 1537 as a mud fort by Kempe Gowda. In 1761, Haider Ali transformed this fort into a stone fort.  This fort, unfortunately, fell into the hands of the British. This was then reconstructed into hospitals, schools, roads and more after being dismantled. Bangalore changed hands quickly between different rulers due to the wars in the 17th century. This made development stagnant.

At present, you can witness only the ruins of what was Tipu Sultan’s stronghold. This includes the Delhi Gate and 2 bastions. The Delhi Gate faced the North and the Mysore Gate faced the South. These ruins speak of magnificence, glory and splendor. The many structures on the premises of this fort include the summer palace of Tipu Sultan. This monument, in all its grandeur and height, is one of the favorite’s attractions of this city.

The remains of this fort is a walkable distance from the market and is ‘open’ to the public.