Badami Fort

Badami Fort

King Pulakeshi of the Chaukyan Empire built the Badmi Fort in 543 AD. This fort is located on the top of a hill. The distance is only 2kms from Badami town, in the district of Bagalkot in Karnataka.

This fort was known as Vatapi and is considered to be significant, historically. A watchtower dating back to the 16th century, also features on top of this hill.

The Badami Fort was the capital of the Chaukyan Empire from the 540 AD to the 757 AD. This was destroyed in 642 AD by the Pallavas, but was rebuilt by Tipu Sultan. The Fort has granary chambers and walls that are double-fortified. At the entrance you find the bull of Lord Shiva, Nandi. With large cannon on the premises, you can get a magnificent view of the whole city.

This monument stands mute to the bygone era that was rich in culture.