Archaeological Museum

Archaeological Museum

Badami, the capital of the Chalukya Empire, is known to be enriched with artefacts left by this kingdom of the 6th century.  The Archeological Museum, along with the different rock-cut temples, works out the perfect source for those looking for education on the past civilization of the land.

This treasure of history is located in foothills of Northern hill. This treasure preserves sculptures other materials and inscriptions.

This museum comprises of ancient tools, stones and also sculptures. You have a number of carvings, hero stones ad more found here. This covers the period between the 6th and the 16th century.

This building has 4 galleries on the nside and also an open gallery in the front veranda. You find exhibits of Lord Shiva sculptures, along with Lord Ganesha, the holy Lajjagauri, the different forms of Vishnu and Bhagvad scenes on the different panels.

You find a rock shelter that is prehistoric, scaled model in one of the galleries. The surrounding walls showcase prehistoric activities and art.

On both the sides the collection includes Makara Tarana and Lajja Gauri . The panes are narrative with intricate carvings, animal figurines of elephants, lions and more.

For all those who are passionate about adventure, you can plan on a trek through the Northern hills.