Agumbe – Water Falls


Agumbe lies in a hilly, wet region of the Western Ghat mountains. This geography contributes to its scenery, suitability for trekking, leech infestation and motor vehicle accidents. In addition, there are a number of waterfalls in the locality.

Hairpin turn (Bend) 7/14- Agumbe Ghat

Barkana Falls

Barkana Falls (Latitude 13.449315, Longitude 75.136015), Northeast of Agumbe, is 850 ft/259 mts in height.[8] It is the tenth highest falls in India.[9] The viewing point for the Barkana Falls is about 4 km from the end of the approaching vehicle track.[10]

Onake Abbi Falls

Onake Abbi Falls (latitude 13°30’44″N, longitude 75°4’25″E) at 400 feet, is smaller than Barkana Falls.[11] In the Kannada language, “onake” means ‘pounding stick’, an instrument used by villagers to pound grains to flour. Trekking for 5 km through rainforest is needed in order to reach a view of the falls.
Jogigundi Falls

Jogigundi is a small water fall near Agumbe.This is about 800m deep. It is usually filled with water.

Koodlu Theertha Falls
Koodlu Theerthra waterfall is located 20 km from Agumbe.